K Ahuja Foods (KAF) is a 4th generation family run corporation, with expansive interests in the food business. We made our humble beginning 60 years ago as Kirana store merchants. Today, we stand as one of India’s leading providers of exotic spices & premium dry fruits in whole & processed forms, and with the following companies under our corporate umbrella:

  1. Komal Exotic Spices, India
  2. Bombay Masala Company, India
  3. KAGRA Foods, India
  4. Balaji Ventures Lanka, Sri Lanka
  5. KOPR Corp Lanka, Sri Lanka
  6. Balaji Spices DMCC, Dubai

Through our Headquarters in Mumbai, we have steadily built an exclusive sourcing network across the globe, and have our own private centers in Sri Lanka, Dubai, Indonesia & Madagascar.

With over 6 decades of procurement expertise under our belt, we are wholly committed to providing responsibly sourced ingredients from across the globe. We realize the importance of our position as the link between the farmers and buyers across the world, and tirelessly work towards strengthening this channel. With a steadfast supply chain serving as our backbone, we have now forged ahead with our own exclusive range of ethically sourced and sustainably processed products. Moreover, our in-house patented techniques & systems allow us to harvest, procure and process the products in a manner that keeps them true to their natural form. Our curated range of products thus boasts of a quality and wholesomeness that is par excellence.

Our Strength

Quality Assurance

Our accumulated experience over the years forms our foundation & hence an authority to provide assured quality. This expertise is the proven reason of trust placed in us by our valued customers. Quality is a revered term at KAG, and is taken care of from beginning through the end, without compromise.

Client Satisfaction

We strive to be the best, so we can deliver the best. Apart from the product itself, we are continually investing in building the best network, facility and channel partners, so our clients can reap the maximum benefits in terms of our produce, service and delivery.

Our Infrastructure

KAG houses state of the art machineries and technologies at all its processing facilities. Only the latest tools and updated methodologies are used to uphold our commitment to quality.


"Global Leader of Traditional Ingredients."


"Quality & Integrity."


"Innovating from the ground up."