Our commitment towards quality ensures investing in state of the art technologies and infrastructure right from sourcing & warehousing, processing &packaging, to delivery.

We follow a disciplined system of operations that ensures seamless and timely movement, and thus smooth delivery of our products.

Infrastructure: KAF houses state of the art machineries and technologies at all our processing facilities. Some of our equipment and processes have been specially customised and developed in tandem with teams from leading Science & Technology Institutes of India. The finest Indian machines, with a cleaning and processing capacity of more than 10,000 kilograms every day, work tirelessly in ultra-hygienic plants, to meet the global spice market demands. The entire process from procurement to processing is supervised by our experienced team of world class quality control experts. All products are handled and packed under strict hygiene conditions. And finally, every pack is subjected to multiple quality checks before dispatch.

Processing: The raw materials once brought in are taken through strict sorting & cleaning processes. Once sorted, the goods are then graded, processed – by grinding/powdering/blending/roasting, etc. – and packaged according to quality and/or specific customer requirements. All processes are carried out under strict guidelines and measures to ensure utmost quality control.

Quality Consistency: Our persevering commitment to quality is the reason we have developed enviable & long-standing relations with our esteemed customers. Our vast industry experience has helped us develop a system that not only consistently ensures quality, but also aids product enhancement. Stringent quality checks are placed strategically and periodically throughout the processing line, which facilitates traceability in case of a problem.

Farm-to-Fork Philosophy: Being strong advocates of the Farm-to-Fork philosophy, we try and implement this policy through all our procurement outfits wherever we can by:
o Minimum handling/lead time
o Maximum processing at source
o Conscientious knowledge of the produce
o Bringing producers & consumers closer

Procurement Expertise: Having been in the business for decades, we have developed an extensive and exclusive procurement network. We utilize our veteran knowledge to select, procure & process goods, specifically catering to our clients/end-user requirements.

Research & Development: Recognizing the substantial role it plays in the success of any business, we at KAF attach significant importance to R&D. We have partnered with leading Universities of India to keep abreast of the latest technologies & market updates pertinent to our industry. We are continually striving to incorporate these updates to benefit the farmers, producers and consumers alike. Moreover, owing to our diversified experience, we have been able to adapt local technologies & methods, and successfully apply them across the board at all our centres. This has given us an undisputed advantage, and enabled us to redefine products which were once - commodities.