Gopal Ahuja

Gopal Ahuja is the Chairman at KAF. He is a Post Grad in Medical Research (M.Pharm., Pharmacology) from Ahmedabad; and holds an MDP from IIM-Ahmedabad. He is also Chairman of India-Indonesia Business Association (Agri-Business) offering advice to Governments on Trade Pacts.

In his role as Chairman-KAF, he provides the company with tactical direction, his key focus centring on sustainable expansion and profitability. With over 25 years of experience in the agri-business, he brings on board his veteran knowledge of all spice & dry fruit products, understanding of the market dynamics, distribution & supply chain acumen, and astute judgment. His able guidance steers the company’s helm towards greater heights.

Ganesh Ahuja

Ganesh Ahuja is the Managing Director at KAF. He is a Double Graduate from Mumbai and an MBA from Leeds, UK. He also holds a Diploma in Global Entrepreneurship from ISB, Hyderabad.

He spearheaded the company’s foray into international waters, and is successfully managing the company’s overseas ventures. His goal is to expand the global footprint of KAF, and further shape the company into an international pioneer of innovation and excellence. Strategizing for the future is his motto.

Prerna Ahuja

Prerna Ahuja is the Director – Marketing at KAF. A graduate of Media Studies from ASCO, New Delhi, and an MSc in International Marketing Management from Leeds, UK, she also holds a PGCAM from MICA, Ahmedabad.

As Director - Marketing, she provides strategic focus to the company in deciding the marketing and branding campaigns. Having accumulated diverse experience in advertising & marketing, sales, strategic planning and new product development, her aim is to position KAF into top of mind recall in the consumer headspace.